What Makes Nunome Electric Special

All We Sell Is Security and Reliance

What we at Nunome Electric offer you is not products. We believe our mission is to bring you products of high reliance that you can use with a sense of security.

Acquiring International Safety Ratings for Japan, North America, Europe, Russia, and ElsewhereAcquiring International Safety Ratings for Japan, North America, Europe, Russia, and Elsewhere

As we usher in a borderless global society, Japan's manufacturing industries are also pressing ahead with establishing overseas production centers and forming alliances with overseas companies. As globalization proceeds, the demand for safety standards recognized around the world is rising further, and so we at Nunome Electric were quick to devote efforts to acquiring certification for overseas safety standards. We were the first in Japan to undergo safety testing for our transformers and acquire licensing for our products and factories from TüV Product Service Ltd., an independent organization in Germany. At present we have acquired certification under Europe's EN standards, the USA's UL standards, Russia's GOST R standards, and more. The safety ratings of a product when imported can enable customs clearance without stopping, which in turn can reduce the inconvenience and burden of application submission for the customer.

Taking up the Challenges of Doing What Others Can't or Won't

We manufacture only those products that meet our own exacting standards. Eschewing imitation, we continue with pride to tackle the challenges of doing what other people cannot or will not do. Our foresight in establishing a system that anticipates the latest technologies and the trends of the industry and enables us to offer what the world needs as soon as it's required has remained our unchanging corporate spirit ever since our founding. By establishing development and manufacturing systems that enable us to provide, in a stable way, products in line with customer demands that achieve the functioning and quality our customers need, we have earned a reputation that holds that you can count on Nunome.