Environmental and Quality-related Policies


With "earning trust, satisfaction, and gratitude from our customers" as our motto, together with striving to develop and offer products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, every employee of Nunome Electric makes a responsible effort to ensure and sustain quality with a full understanding of the tasks required. Through every aspect of our business activities, we devote efforts to protecting the environment, and aim to become a company that coexists and prospers together with the local region and community and helps to create a future of abundance.


As a company that develops, designs, and manufactures transformers, electric power units, and other equipment, Nunome Electric is advancing the following activities to effect ongoing improvement in environmental and quality management systems.

  • We are committed to complying strictly with environment- and quality-related laws, regulations, and customer requests, as well as with agreements to which we are a party.
  • We will implement the following activities as important matters in environment and quality management.
    1. Energy conservation
    2. Reduction of waste materials
    3. Environmental and quality-related considerations in product development and design
    4. Improvement of knowledge and skills through augmented education and training
    5. Enhancement of quality and efficiency through process analysis and task improvement
  • We are taking up the challenges of preventing environmental pollution and improving tasks (processes) by having each area of the company develop and execute activity targets based on annual environmental goals and targets as well as quality targets.
  • We will keep all employees fully informed of our environmental and quality-related policies, as well as disclosing them broadly throughout the community.