Products Compliant with Overseas Standards

These are transformers manufactured in accordance with various standards based on certification testing by third-party certification organizations for EN- and UL-standard products. They are manufactured on the basis of quality and production control equivalent to that of certified products, and can accommodate recognition certification for CE markings and insulation systems.
(Note: For CE markings, prior consultation is required.)

  • IEC standards -- Based on IEC 61558 (self-declaration document issued)
    EN standards -- Based on EN 61558 (self-declaration document issued)
    UL standards -- Based on UL 506 (recognition mark displayed)
               Insulation-system certification (file No. E179651)

IWe can make products to order that meet your compliance requirements, including IEC-compliant, EN-compliant, UL-compliant, and double-compliant products.

How to Read the Model Names