To Ensure Safe Use

To prevent electrical shock, electrocution, malfunction, or accident, please observe the following cautions.

  • The service life of a transformer can be greatly reduced by use in an overloaded state, even if only for a short time.Be sure to use within the rated capacity.
  • Danger of electrical shock or electrocution exists while the device is carrying current.
    Never get close to or touch the transformer or connected equipment.
  • A transformer is hot during and immediately after use, and touching it at such times may cause burns.
  • When suspending a transformer, use all suspension bolts.
    (The transformer is heavier than it may appear. Handle with sufficient care.)
  • Because tip-over is a danger, never tilt a transformer more than 15 degrees.
  • When moving a transformer, take steps to prevent it from tipping over, such as placing it on a conveyance dolly, pallet, or the like.
  • When touching a transformer during the course of installation, inspection, or the like, exercise care to avoid injury from corners or protrusions of fittings, insulators, or the like.
  • Never us a transformer that is damaged or deformed.
  • This transformer is designed for indoor use. Keep away from exposure to direct sunlight, precipitation, and the like. (Otherwise malfunction or accident may occur.)
  • his transformer is self-cooled (radiating heat through natural convection of air).
    Inadequate ventilation may cause overheating.
  • The transformer has no features to protect against electrical shorts or overload. Use with application of adequate protection coordination.
  • Never attempt to modify the transformer.
  • If the transformer should happen to exhibit an abnormality, interrupt current to it immediately. Take corrective action. Contact us if the cause of the abnormality cannot be determined.